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The facial room with beautiful lighting and fresh towels.


My facials are customized to each of my clients skin type and can vary from month to month. Lifestyle, stress factors, consumption, hormonal changes, and simply growing up can trigger your skin to go through changes in texture and appearance. Im here to help you with the issues you may face or to simply maintain the skin you're in!

I believe in treating you and your skin with complete respect. I only use organic products and have no desire to put harmful chemicals into or onto your skin.

NEW Personalized Self-Care Baskets

Contact Barbara to find out more.

Signature DNA Facial:

This facial is customized to meet your individual needs, I will treat your skin different each time because its never the same! Relax and enjoy your treatment and reap the benefits of this signature facial.

60 MIN - $100

With Microdermabrasion - $125

Vitamin C Facial:

Vitamin C crystals are the star attraction with this facial. You will have an illuminous glow and your face will feel smooth and polished while on a deeper level, balancing your skin tone and nourishing it at the same time. Followed up with concentrated oxygen treatment.

60 MIN - $100

Exfoliation Plus:

Based on what your skin needs, you will receive a DNA skincare peel, microdermabrasion, manual exfoliating using DNA'S exfoliating scrub, and finish your treatment with DNA'S vitamin A serum. You won't believe the difference in your skin's texture!

60 MIN - $125

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