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Barbara Harrington

Skin care has been my primary focus for many years. I studied makeup and special effects at the Metropolitan School for Theatre Arts in Melbourne, Australia. After completing my studies, I entered the film industry, working on commercials, music videos, theatre productions, and fashion projects. I thoroughly enjoyed this career path, and my passion for it still endures!

As time went on, a natural progression led me to embrace skin care, driven by my deep interest in health, nutrition, and the positive impact of self-love on one's skin.

I pursued esthetics at Santa Barbara City College and immediately began working in spas in Santa Barbara. It became an enjoyable challenge for me to research and find the right products that aligned with my strong beliefs in quality and clean ingredients for daily use.

DNA Skin Institute became my top choice for skin care due to their passion for delivering earth-friendly, high-quality, plant-based, organic products that respect your skin.

Attending many of their workshops, I've witnessed their continuous growth and commitment to sharing knowledge with estheticians.

Join me on this beautiful journey to self-care and radiant skin. Together, let's nurture your natural beauty.
Barbara Harrington
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